Musing of a Lady

By Inkstainedhands

Why are You Awake?

Little Man's teething is now in full swing. He woke me and Hubby (who's home for the weekend) up and wouldn't let me put him down again. So Little Man and I were awake for a good 4 hours from about midnight. We ended up moving to the lounge. Ash kept us company and came over to sit next to me for a while. He then moved over to the armchair and curled up there.

Little Man and I were able to catch up on the missed sleep from last night. Hubby gave his brother a lift to and from church whilst I stayed home with the Little Man. He's still trying to crawl but can't do more than get his knees up under him but will roll over rather than move forwards, much to his frustration (which he vocalises).

In other news, we've got to prepare ourselves for a funeral. Someone quite close to us passed away yesterday morning. It was expected but still hard.

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