Crocuses in Ellis Park

Good to see Harry again who came with his brother Jack to do the start of the year service for the pond, frog spawn and frogs notwithstanding.

Then to Leicester to fetch William from school. We took him to his home where he was distinctly unsettled by his Mum not being there. She'd taken Edward to see a friend who's just had a baby. Anyway, we promised him a surprise after the park.

While he went with Grandad to play on the swings etc, Basil and I wandered over the grass and came across these exquisite crocuses. Basil was able to roam around a bit and greet other dogs.

Domino's Pizza was the surprise which everyone enjoyed when we got home, including Mum, who had returned in the interim.

Extras are of Ben and Jerry, William's 'brothers,' and William picking up sticks.

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