A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


We're having a holiday!

OK, not a long one but various circumstances meant that we ended up with a vacant weekend and the original plans to meet with S&N had a bit of a diary fail.  Thus, we've taken ourselves off to a posh-ish hotel in Winchester for a couple of nights.

If only to be in a space that you know you don't have responsibility for cleaning and fixing it.

No particular reason for Winchester bar it being a place neither of us know.  

Stopped off at Cirencester en-route, again a previously unvisited place (due to a previous Covid induced diary failure).

Nice place. Strangest of churches.  

It seems everyone has had a go at building extra bits on to the original, presumably cross-shaped, structure - making it practically square with innumerable altars inside.  The street (with the extra porch) and the graveyard views (in extras) illustrate the multiplicity of addings.

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