Spoor of the Bookworm

By Bookworm1962

Headline: Cat Chases Dog!

"Asbo!.....did you do that?!"

"No!.....smells like dog to me!"

Today I've been exploring new territory, more needle felting but with a different fibre - dog fur rather than wool. I only worked a small test piece, turning half a palm full of fluff into a tiny egg shaped piece of felt, or sort of sausage shaped, or perhaps more a tiny model dog crap. Asbo seems to approve of these strange, pointless felt objects I've started to produce and was caught yesterday in a manic condition playing "hunt, catch and fling" with the caricature head that I blipped the other day. She didn't seem quite so sure about the dog craplet at first as you can see, perhaps she thought there might be a tiny dog somewhere who had left this deposit behind, but moments later she was frantically and joyously chasing it around the room at high speed.

Jake produces ridiculous quantities of fur and is very generous with it leaving it all over the carpets and furniture.....and people, so I should have no shortage of material when I proceed to the next stage and sculpt a mini Jake (out of bits of Jake no less). I'd love to knit a jumper with it and hopefully I will some day but it involves collecting bags and bags of the stuff, carding it, spinning it etc so its a major project. Still, I love the idea of wearing my dog - not that I'm soppy or anything. I imagine one problem with wearing dog is that they are not exactly renowned for being fragrant. Does it still smell doggie after its been washed or does it just smell of wet dog? Jake has never had that strong canine fur smell, on the contrary I think he has a really pleasant smell and when giving him some attention in the form of tummy tickles and chest rubs etc I quite often put my face down into his fur and have a surreptitious inhalation. As I've already explained I am not even slightly soppy. Jake's olfactory crimes are more rolling in various repulsive objects found in the grass....they have such attractive habits.

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