Spoor of the Bookworm

By Bookworm1962

Vermicious Knid

Any Roald Dahl fans?

'It looked like an enormous egg balanced on its pointed end. It was as tall as a big boy and wider than the fattest man. The greenish-brown skin had a shiny wettish appearance and there were wrinkles in it...

...The eyes were everything. There were no other features, no nose or mouth or ears, but the entire egg-shaped body was itself moving very very slightly, pulsing and bulging gently here and there as though the skin were filled with some thick fluid.'

This terrifying creature, notorious predator of Oompa Loompas, materialised amongst my crafting tools today. Strangely it smells of Jake.

On the left, in the background is out of focus fellow blipper and ex wife Blanchmange more or less in the act of taking her blip picture for today. I wonder, do child handovers constitute a blipmeet?

My journal seems to be turning into a combined arts, crafts and politics blog - strange bed fellows perhaps ...or perhaps not, I suppose they are all rather stereotypical aspects of my ageing Trot Hippy persona. This being the case here is today's politics section. Yesterday I sent Glenda Jackson an email voicing my thanks and support for her speech in the Commons debate defying her Party leadership and daring to rain on the parade of nauseating Thatcher eulogies. I'd love to be a fly on the wall the next time she talks to Ed Miliband. Today I posted a letter to the said Ed Miliband enclosing the pieces of my torn up Party card and explaining my reasons for doing so and why I consider that he has betrayed the labour movement and the two generations that have suffered , and continue to suffer as a result of Thatcher. If you are so inclined you may read it at the link.

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