Walkies Talkies

A wonderful two hour walk today with the love of my life, and Mrs I (!!)

We parked at the disused railway station (Tettenhall)  and walked along the old railway track and disembarked at the crossing into Compton Park where Hollie had a right good romp.

We met a lady with a dog called Hedges (a  friend of their's has a dog called Benson) and another man had a beautiful border collie who stalked Hollie every step of the way, until Hollie gave her what for and the man called his dog away.

We walked about two and a half miles and although in some pain Mrs I said she enjoyed the day. The sun shone and we returned to the station which is now called Cupcakes Lane and is one of the finest tea rooms in the area.

The images show  Cupcakes Lane tearooms, the platform steps, a tree that has burst through the platform brickwork and the old depot which now houses a fantastic museum. The extra shows detail of the Meccano Bridge which spans both the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal and the Smestow Brook. And an image of Hollie and her stalker.

Our poorly friend W phoned me to say she has had an assessment today and is progressing with her request for counselling and medication. I am encouraged, she has signed up for a course of meditation and sounded bright and positive. No room for complacency but I believe it is progress.

Don't mention the war. 

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