Go Leeds

On another very busy day, there was a crunch game for Leeds in the Premiership, against Norwich, bottom of the table. It was a game we absolutely had to win to stand a chance of avoiding relegation. Bielsa gone, new manager Jesse Marsch in, the last match against Villa a woeful performance, nerves were frayed

It wasn't available to watch legally so I had to content myself with updates. We scored early and despite being dominant and having loads of chances of putting the game to bed, we carried that narrow lead right into stoppage time. An ominous feeling was justified when Norwich equalised with just a few minutes of the game left.

It was a shock to experience the level of my own dismay. I knew my lad was going to be in bits. I was getting ready to head into Leeds on the train. And then a huge shout from Forrest. We'd got a last gasp winner. OMG. It was a shock then to experience my own level of joy. I'm not supposed to be this invested in a football team. It's stupid. It's not good for one's emotional health. I spoke to Roam briefly and he was a wreck, despite the win. He told me later that he had to lie down, and slept for a whole two hours. He was drained.

I bumped into Lisa at Leeds station, having been at the game with her daughter. They both had big smiles on their faces. Still a long way to go, but that goal might end up being one of the biggest in the club's history.

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