By GracieG

An Adder and a Ladybird

B and I walked on Kelling Heath this morning.  It was cloudy to begin with but when the sun came out there was some real warmth.  B knew where the adders were, we had looked a couple of days ago but no sign but today when we re-visited the site we couldn't believe our luck when we saw this one.  It looks like when the heath was last cleared some piles of shredded vegetation were left which are the perfect spot for adders to hide inside to keep warm until the sun comes out.  Despite their distinctive marking they are fairly well camouflaged.  I have helpfully included a ladybird in the shot so you can get a sense of scale and size.  What a beautiful creature it is!

The extra is of one of the horses that passed by on our way round the circular route, she's a beautiful creature too.

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