The Two Of Us

Woke up a bit too early for my liking and I planned to have another hour and a half’s sleep. But, the 06:30 deer were waiting for me to say hello from the window and that woke me right up. I watched them until they headed off but half an hour later, I couldn’t resist another look so I peeped through the curtains and there they were, back again! I pottered around getting my rucksack ready and checking the weather forecast and eventually headed down for breakfast. Who should appear but a red squirrel (and dad, of course!)

I was thinking a reduced low level version might be in order given the afternoon gusts, potential for snow and a better forecast for tomorrow but, after a chat, we concluded that we were sensible, the route was short and we could always turn round. 

We set off from a welcome cheeky high point at Honister and headed over towards Haystacks in the dry, but with thickening cloud. The views were stunning and we enjoyed a steady walk admiring the nooks, knolls and disappearing gullies to a quickening wind.

We reached Innominate Tarn as the rain started lashing and the gusts really picked up. We both would’ve liked to have gone to the top, I think, but took an easy decision to turn round after heading on for a few yards and realising the random gusts were very destabilising. We’ve both bagged enough tops in our lifetimes for it not to be the be all and end all of a walk - and we have tomorrow to look forward to. As we turned round, a hail storm started but by this time it was on our backs and we were being blown along in definitely the right direction!

Dad had the idea of stopping at the bothy and it was great to get out of the rain and wind and enjoy some Scooby snacks in the shelter. I was quite surprised to see bottles with whiskey in them but, as Dad pointed out, right colour but probably not worth trying just in case it wasn’t whiskey! We had fun with a few photos and got ready to leave.

Initially, it felt a bit grim exiting the bothy but it was now just a steady walk and short descent back to the car. 

Wild. Eventually wet. Ever wonderful.

Nearly time for tea and my knees and toe have done well. Pleased.

(I know you’ll never believe it but a barn owl flew right by the window when we went down for dinner!)

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