Dad’s circuit

And he chose a good one! 

One early deer this morning and then breakfast and we were on our way for a circuit of Seathwaite Fell, heading up to Styhead Tarn and Sprinkling Tarn before a possible ascent of Allen Crags if we fancied it.

What a treat to be out in dry weather with the prospect of a dry day, high cloud and less wind. It was stunning too. The hills are turning slowly into their spring greens and the crystal water was merrily skipping down the streams as we (almost) skipped up. Hearing and seeing the military jets and helicopter practising through the mountains was a double edged sword - incredible to watch but disconcerting with war so close to home.

We took every opportunity to look around, pick out hills and the features we recognised all around us - the visibility was excellent and the 360° view at Esk Hause as the Langdales came into view made me smile from the inside out.

We both felt pretty good still and knees and toes hadn’t started to creak so we continued up to Allen Crags where we stopped for a only a short while to take it all in and ponder on what next. We had the option of heading along to Glaramara but with a -8 windchill we concluded we’d take more from the day getting some shelter by heading down Ruddy Gill. And so glad we did - Trolls just have to dwell in its winding mossy gill. It’s such a pretty and gentle way to descend and we did get plenty of shelter from the wind too.

It’s seven years next month since I’ve been in this neck of the woods and it’s been a joy to come back. But, being able to have two days together doing something we’ve both been passionate about since childhood is the biggest treat of all. 

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