By pandammonium

Murk and floods

The road to Ely was more flooded than I’ve ever seen it.

Britain’s most bashed bridge is less bashed now that the A142 has been rerouted and the level crossing closed. The road under the bridge dips down a lot, and when it rains, a puddle gathers in the dip. Today, the puddle was at least six inches deep, I reckon. Fun driving.

I went a different way home to avoid the puddles, and could hardly see a thing through the gloom. The photo makes it look lighter than it was.

It’s been a bit rainy today.

Edit: apparently the sky would have looked like this if it hadn’t been so grey. There was a yellow tinge to the sky that I thought might be thunder, but wasn’t. That must have been the sand from the Sahara.

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