A Daff.

One of my new daffodils this year, so I’m pleased with it.
It’s been a beautiful, warm spring day here, with actual warmth in the sun. Just what we were needing.
Geordie and I had a good walk this morning and met a couple of people I knew, so had a chat and catch-up. Then stopped at the garden centre on the way home. It’s only half a mile away so really handy. Bought lots of colourful primula and some alpines for the rockery.
So the afternoon was spent in the garden planting them, tidying and removing more of the rotten log roll edging the grass and the borders. My back told me when enough was enough, and yet I worked on for another half hour. It was just too perfect a day to go back inside. I’m not great at sitting in the garden, I always see things to be done. But, I’m satisfied with what I got done today.

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