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This is a bit of a variation on yesterday's Extra, a blackbird singing deep within a tangled knot of climbers and ramblers at the edge of our driveway. I keep this untidy tangle for the benefit of the house sparrows, and the blackbird is clearly benefitting from the protection it provides from marauding sparrowhawks.  That said, later in the day he was singing from the top of the telegraph pole, in the most exposed position possible, but perhaps also with one of the best sight lines to spot an aerial predator.

It was a beautiful Spring day, warm enough not to need a coat for the first time this year.  After C's morning Qigong class, I had some time on the allotment.  From there, I could hear a chiffchaff in the woods, the third I've heard this year, so numbers must be building quickly across the country.  I saw my first brimstones of the year, and tried and failed to get a photo of one that was flying up and down the garden.  There was also a tatty small tortoiseshell just emerged from hibernation.  Still no sign of our shelled friend Reg emerging from hibernation.  There's always a bit of nervous anticipation waiting for his appearance at this time of the year.

The extra today shows the full moon.

Back-blipped on 19 March.

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