By Missycat

The beach at Cromer

Today we woke to clear blue skies and sunshine, so different from yesterday and perfect for appreciating the big skies that are typical of Norfolk and are mostly unavailable to us where we live.
We drove into Cromer where the beaches are stunning but the lack of people on them indicate how cold they are at this time of year.  Mr MC and A, being fitter, hardier souls, walked  down the rather steep path and onto the beach while B and I remained at the top from where I took these photos. I took many photos of course and most will appear on FB, but here I must confine myself to this, which appealed because of the dog, who was thoroughly enjoying his sandy walk, and an extra which I've given a painterly effect to, so that it can be tagged for Abstract Thursday.  I'm afraid that I've neither managed the theme of repetition, not found anything green for St Patrick's Day.
This entry is of course for Thursday gone.  I didn't take my laptop away with me so I'm still playing catch up.

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