By pipnat51


Jayne back at work today and to make the most of the sunshine and clear skies I went into Stratford for a walk alongside the river.

Parked the car close to the Holy Trinity church in Old Town and headed along Mill Lane to cross over the river at the footbridge by Lucy's Mill. Once across I carried on along the river and through the Recreation Ground before crossing back across theTramway Bridge to the Bancroft Gardens and into town.

So lovely to see so many people out and about, almost like the old times, and so many in short sleeves and summer clothes. 

I was lucky enough to find a table outside Costa Coffee for half an hour or so, people watching, and enjoying a flat white and toasted cheese and ham sandwich. Afterwards a walk along Henley Street where the photos were taken before heading back along the river to the car.

Quite emotionally mixed up that I can do these things whilst thousands are seeking refuge and safety anywhere they can find to shelter from the horrendous Russian onslaught that they are facing in the Ukraine. My heart and prayers go out to all of them.

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