By Bizonderimage

Fish in the market

Today I was in Rotterdam and walked through the fish market. This is really extensive with a lot of fish and shellfish always available.

Its interesting to watch the people checking the fish and buying in what seems to me really big quantities.

Today I was not buying but just jostling in amongst the crowd and taking photographs.

I have manipulated this picture using a Nik Software plug-in within Apple Aperture .

For any of you who use any of these plugins and did not hear - after Google bought Nik they have a special deal where if you have bought a license for any Nik plugin, you can now get them all free of change. If you don't have any email from Nik or Google about this - just ask the Nik help desk - they sent me the download link within about 5 minutes.

Finally thanks to all and any who have commented on my photos recently, and especially my 100th blip last week.

Anyone following my journal will understand that the last 2 weeks have been very sad and difficult and while I have uploaded photos each day, I have not made many comments.

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