A day in the life

By Shelling


When I rolled up the blinds this morning, I saw the frosty white grass in the blazing sun outside. A pretty sight, it must have been around 3 degrees below zero during the night. The frost soon disappeared, we will have another gorgeous early-spring-day ahead of us. 

At ten, my music-mate Bengt arrived and we rehearsed for a concert on Wednesday. The event is only twenty-five minutes long but still it will be fun to meet an audience again for the first time this year.

After lunch I organised a meeting with a doctor about my left forefinger that sometimes is giving me problems when I play my guitar. I want him to book a meeting for me to see a rheumatologist,  who I hope can answer my question and give me a diagnosis. Then, I went outside to my veranda for a cup of coffee in the nice weather.

I've been a bit irritated about the step from the veranda-door to the veranda. It's a 40 cm high step. Halfway someone has put a big rock and a couple of cement slabs, to serve as a middle step to the lime-stone floor (extra). Problem is, it's very unstable and you really have to watch your step  when you go out there. An idea of how I wanted the step to look popped up, I thought about it a little and made some measurements. Then I went to the wood-store to present my idea and they helped me to choose proper wood for it. I had to pick up some tools and screws at my old place before I could get started assembling the staircase, but in less than six hours from the first thought, I had finished the staircase.That made me happy and a little proud too. My first construction in the new house! The stair is not as crooked as it looks, the floor is very uneven but it works brilliantly. And a blip done for today as well. 

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