A day in the life

By Shelling


I met my accountant today, Patrik. He loves doing what I can't, filling in my income tax declaration. He does the job in less than half an hour, even when he's talking to me while doing it. I'm very bad with numbers and I'm scared of missing something important so even if I tried doing it myself I'd probably fret about it for a week and read a lot of text that I won't quite understand, then do it and fret even more about the result. Then, I'd rather pay him to enjoy himself, knowing that the result is expertly done.

Being in Kalmar anyway, I bought new things for the house that I'll probably write more about later. I bought a ladder-kit to put in the ceiling so I can use the attic for storing winter clothes and suchlike, things that I can't keep in the cellar because of the dampness.

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