Me and T. Tiger, Keeping Things Real!

Tiny Tiger is a real adventurer, and I realized suddenly that he needed his own little waist pack to travel in. We were heading to the gamelands for the jog (husband)/walk (me), and I needed a go-cup for my Tiger. So I found a small leather fanny pack and tucked him (inside his yellow sack) into it.

The new pack has room for him to take several outfits or implements along with him, and that is a good thing, for the Tiger is accumulating "stuff" at an alarming rate. Sometime soon, we may need to rent him a storage shed or a U-haul. Yeah, a rolling Tiger may gather no moss, but THIS one certainly does!

And so I tucked that Tiger in his new sack and I put my ear buds in and my hood up, and away we went. For the first time ever, T. Tiger could see out ALL the time, and watch where we were going. You might note that he seems a little bit . . . startled by the whole sitch, and you might just be right!

I can't wait to read the Yelp! review that the Tiger is probably writing even as we speak, after his big adventure. Was the sack comfy? How was the visibility? The temperature control? The amount of storage room? The creature comforts? The amenities? I guess we'll have to wait for the review!

And now that the Tiger is all set up to travel, we must take him along more often, and he must go on new and different journeys. He's like a freakin' Traveling Wilbury, that's what he is. Come along, my little Wilbury. We have other worlds to conquer!

And so this brings us to our soundtrack song, which is this one: the Traveling Wilburys, with Handle With Care.

P.S. I am terrible at selfies and I always end up looking like a chipmunk in them. But this Tiger's-eye view made me giggle, it really did. So here it is! We are very, very casual, when we are out hiking. Yes, that's an authentic sun blur spot, and a hair or two on my jacket (actually, this black fleece jacket was Barb's; we had identical ones; mine doesn't have a hole in it but this one does). We like to keep things real. Maybe someday, you'll get to see a picture of T. Tiger and me, dressed to the nines, all made up, and dripping with jewels!

P.P.S. People have asked how big T. Tiger is, and I must tell you that a Tiger never speaks about his weight. He has never been weighed in his entire life and we're not about to start now! But how big is he? Well, the vague answer is this: he can be as big or little as your imagination. So there! (And to answer the question truthfully, he is about 3 inches tall, and quite stripey!)

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