These casts

make me think of the Terracotta Army. They were submerged in the puddles on CK heath but are now drying out with this wonderful weather we've been having. My imagination is possibly a bit wacky.
6 male ducks, 4 Mallard plus 2 Scaup/Tufted duck? came in to land on the pond on CK heath as Lola and I were walking. They were vying for a female Mallards attention. Poor girl!!!!
I walked Indie after, she caught the scent of a deer and was gone .... I just stood calling her fingers crossed she would return to me, which she did, thankfully. When i got back to Mum's, my brother, Roger, was there. I can't remember the last time we saw each other, must be nearly 12 months ago, even though he lives 5-6 miles away. He'd brought Mum a beautiful orchid plant & card for Mother's day. As he was alone we managed to sit and chat over a coffee which was great.
I drove up to Chudleigh in the afternoon, made a hubby a meal, checked the greenhouse for any seedlings that might be showing. The Rainbow chard is up, plus the first of the peas. :-).
I pimped up half a pizza for dinner. very tasty it was too.
I watched Bridge of Lies, A good quiz programme, hosted by Ross Kemp. When I saw it advertised on the tv, I thought to myself.... Oh no, not another programme hosted by an idiot, but he was a good host, not like the "comedians" that seem to be everywhere on the tv. They irritate me so much, I can't watch, which is annoying. I shall watch teh Bridge of Lies again. I also watched a very interesting programme on Nat Geo - The Emirates From Above.
The clocks go forward an hour BST ... Bob & Lola both went upstairs to bed. Not my bed though. I don't actually see the need for them to go upstairs at all, or on the furniture come to that. Lola's hair is everywhere which makes work. Unnecessary work, but it's their house, so their house rules. :-)
Well that was Saturday.

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