Strange Skies

today!  Rain snow, hail every kind of weather!

See extras for more - and the kites were up today :)

I had the pleasure of actually seeing a lovely young doctor face to face this morning, it was so nice to actually see a doctor.  She examined me, and says it is a nasty virus (but not COVID) and my peak flow is too low due to my asthma at the moment, and my pulse was not at the right level on the machine either.  So the result is that I've got some Prednisolone, steroids.

What shocked me is the 5 minute walk up the road wore me out, and I had to sit down and rest before going back to working at home!!

Now I'm in bed and not up til tomorrow when I'm still working, but at least its Friday :)

Hoping to see if my car will go at the weekend, as its been sitting around for nearly two weeks with me being ill, and isolating....

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