By AnneILM60


This is how my lavender plant is looking this morning.

The wind is blowing and will only get worse as the day goes on along with rain setting in, so I figured a photo first thing was a good idea.

Kent and I had worked together and made a list last night of things I needed to get today.

I headed to our local CVS and picked up several items. Also enjoyed talking to both Lisa’s that work there. Then it was off to the grocery store to finish getting what was on the list.

In the afternoon I got a delivery of the canned cat food I get for MiniMe. I also got a pair of earrings I had ordered. Kent’s oldest nephew who is only a couple of years younger than him, owns an old red pick up truck. I found a pair of earrings with the red pick up truck on them and not the usual scene with a Christmas tree in the back. These ones, Debbie can wear all year ‘round. I’m excited to send her this pick me up!

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