Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo


Hamish here.

I had a very nice day. It started with my usual playtime in the dog park and the trail walk. Then after lunch, Phil took me out in the car again. 

First, we went to PetSmart to get more of my special food. P took me inside and it was amazing! So many good smells! There were a lot of other dogs there, too. I didn’t want to leave, but he had other plans. I wish he would drop me off sometime for a few hours, so that I could give it a thorough exploration.

Next we went to Hardware Sales — one of P’s favorite places. He wasn’t sure if dogs were allowed inside but we went in. He said it’s better not to ask a question if you might not like the answer, and I’m so cute that nobody would send me back outside. It was moderately interesting, but I didn’t see any other dogs.

The last place we went to was one of the Kulshan brewpubs. P said he hadn’t been there for a long time because of the pandemic, so it was a special occasion! I went inside with him while he ordered a beer, and then we sat outside in a covered area. The glass was smaller than the ones he usually has — I wondered if it was for me. It wasn’t, but I didn’t care because I’m not very fond of beer. 

And then — big surprise! I met a Welsh cousin, named Gus! P said Welsh Terriers are very rare in this part of the country, but it was the second one we’d seen this week. Unfortunately, neither one was cooperative when P tried to photograph us together. Gus’s people said that he has to have medication to prevent car sickness and it makes him sleepy. I’m so glad I don’t have that problem.

I don’t expect tomorrow will be as interesting as today, but I’m hopeful.

Happy trails,


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