There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Yippee Ki-Yay! A John McClane/Die Hard Tribute!

When the news came out earlier this week that actor Bruce Willis was hanging up his acting spurs due to medical issues, T. Tiger and I just knew we had to do something to celebrate the legendary contributions that Bruno has made to the action movie genre.

Now, we are big Die Hard fans, and it just isn't Christmas around this house until John McClane goes a round or two with the terrorists, and eventually prevails, until his lovely wife asks him - why does this keep happening to us? Why? Why, indeed!

The first movie is probably our favorite (Alan Rickman is just an awesome bad guy as Hans Gruber), although the second film is really good too. So we decided to make our own Nakatomi Plaza and put some of our favorite John McClane quotes on it, for good measure.

Then we had to make a "bloody shirt" for T. Tiger to wear, and so we chopped up a white paper towel and cut a hole in it for the neck. (The "blood" you see is red Sharpie marker.) Remember how they used to SEW Marilyn Monroe into her dresses? Well, we had to STAPLE this one together on T. Tiger. Alas, I only discovered when removing the shirt that we had stapled it fast to the actual TIGER. EEK!!! Sorry, little friend!

Also, I only noticed AFTER I did the photo shoot that I put one too many *'s in MotherF*****. Which made me giggle all to heck and back, but I didn't fix it because remember those Navajo rugs where they leave a single imperfection in it, called a "spirit line." Well, let's just let that extra * be that purposeful imperfection, okay?  ;-) Know that I actually DO know how to say and spell "the big M-F!"

Now, I know it is shocking to many to see our kind and gentle T. Tiger displayed thus, with his bloody shirt and with a machine gun in his paw. (A MACHINE GUN!! No, no, Tiny Tiger!) But this was the way it needed to be. He is pretending to be somebody he is not, and he is doing a great job of it! This is our tribute to Bruce Willis, as the celebrated John McClane.

Thank you for the action movie fun.
Thank you for the explosions.
Thank you for the fabulous, quotable lines, spoken with ATTITUDE!
And now, once more, with feeling!
Yippee Ki-Yay, MotherF*****!!!!

The soundtrack song is this doozy I found on Youtube, and it has some fabulously bad language in it, so if that offends you, skip it and go watch something else! Here is the Die Hard music video.

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