Prisoner of the Sun

It was the Thursday eveing class tonight. We had some models in from the dance department. Once again it was great to have keen models in to get shots done. The students had a great time as well.

Since we had three models we had three light set-ups on the go. About half way in one of the students Duncan asked about setting up something different. Last week we used the biggest soft box to do silhouettes so this week Duncan asked if we gould set that up but with a low light on th efront to pick out detail.

As a result I set up the big soft box with a 1000 watt head, then set up a 500 watt head on one of the low stands pointing up the way with the power set right down and a really fine honeycomb on it.

After that I stood there while Duncan got some test shots. It took a bit of fiddling about with the 1000 watt head to get the effect we were looking for but we got there in the end. I started pulling faces for the test shots and, when we looked at them later the one where we got the lighting right was a cracker.

I just had to ask if I could use it for a blip and thankfully Duncan agreed.

If you're reading this cheers Duncan.

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