Silly Saturday ...

... little girl lost. 

Lost in a too big sweatshirt!

Today is going to be that nicer of the two weekend days so we set off for Minsi Lake shortly after lunch.  It's only about 30 minutes from home so it wasn't too long of a drive.  

When we arrived we saw lots of fishermen/women ... which made sense since today marks the opening of Trout season.  We saw several walking to their vehicles with some good catches.  Not so good from the fishes perspective though!

I also saw this young girl sporting a very large jacket!  Perfect for Silly Saturday!  Thanks to davidc for hosting this month and for coordinating the hosts ... which I believe he is looking for. If you haven't hosted a challenge this is always a fun one ... think about doing so.  If I hadn't just finished up MM hosting I'd very happily volunteer.  Maybe I'll volunteer for later this year.

On the way home we stopped at Jacobsburg State Park as it wasn't too out of the way ... and I needed to use the facilities! Not much going on there ... except more fishermen! 

When we got home I sat outside trying for my SquirrelsEtc Silly Saturday picture.  And guess who finally came out of her burrow!?!  Our very own Little Miss Chipster ... AKA short tail!  YAY!!

R grilled a delicious steak for supper while I prepared potatoes and salad.  I sliced and precooked the potatoes before wrapping them in foil to go out on the grill to crisp up.  Yum!

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