Bald ...

... Eagle.

Wow! How lucky were we today to come across this lovely Bald Eagle on our walk at Housenick Park!?!  This photo is heavily cropped so not the best but I had to post it anyway!  The sky was blah behind her/him and I was shooting almost straight up.  But I like the way he/she is looking down on us!  Please view large.

The weather was weird today as it fluctuated between rain and some sun.  In between rain showers we went to Housenick park for a short walk.  And we were so glad we did otherwise we would have missed seeing this majestic eagle.  I've also added an extra of some mallard ducks that we saw.  Just getting my ducks in a row!

Other than our walk I really didn't get much else accomplished.  I don't know where the time goes ... but all of a sudden the day is done.  

Happy Sunday!

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