I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... Easter Bunny kidnapped.

Whilst out on our walk today we kidnapped the Easter Bunny to bring home with us!  You can see in my extra photo that she was very willing to pose for her portrait ... with the help of her abductor!  I was planning on doing a selfie with the ears but the photos that R took were much better. I've taken all the rest.

The weather was so nice today so we headed out to Jacobsburg State Park for our walk.  We walked the Sobers Run trail today as we haven't been on it since probably January or before.  It was lovely.

When I got home I sat on the deck again (having done so earlier before lunch) to get some more shots of Little Miss Chipster with Mr. Peanut (see extra collage).  As I was out there a black-capped chickadee landed on a plant hook located over my shoulder.  I quickly took a few over the shoulder photos not really expecting any to turn out.  I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of shots.  I liked the one in the collage with his/her tail fanned out and the black-cap spiked up!

Thanks to Elaine for hosting Silly Saturday this week in memory of Admirer.  I may or may not be wearing a Colorado shirt given to me by our lovely host pipersmom to influence her Silly Saturday choices!  It's one of my favorite shirts. And she's one of my favorite blipmates!

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