Pulsatilla again.................

A sunny but cold start to the day, with a temperature of -1'C. Lovely to see blue sky and white clouds. 

The Pulsatillas were slowly recovering in the sunshine. I lifted the thin ice sheet of the bird bath, see extra. After breakfast I gathered the gardening tools I needed, and headed out into the front part of the garden. And although it was a late lunch the morning saw me getting the bed ready for the wildflower seeds that I collected last year. I then continued around and tidied the wall bed. collected the spent camellia flower heads. I now have almost filled both green recycle bins. As my back was beginning to twinge and looking at my watch it was heading for 2pm I decided to call it a day. 

Tomorrow will be a rest day from the the garden as the forecast is for rain. But still plenty to do ;-))

Thank you for calling in and for comments and rewards. Do hope you have had a good weekend, and you have a good and safe week. Take care :-) x

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