By Maureen6002

Not quite Mount Fuji ….

Sunday seems to be our day for heading into Snowdonia, and so today we’re off in search of snow. 

Whilst there’s still snow on top of the high Carneddau, as we drive up the Conwy valley, there’s little visible ahead, but when we reach Plas y Brenin and look out over Llynau Mymbyr, we can see that Snowdon’s wearing a veil of white. 

We park further along, and spend some time waiting for the sun to shine through the intermittent cloud cover and illuminate the rock faces, eventually rewarded for our wait. From where we are, the landscape seems deserted, wild and beautiful; but look more closely and even on a day where the summit must be icy, there are queues of hikers waiting to reach the very top. 

We continue on our circuit, round to Pen y Pas and down into Llanberis, before turning  for the Ogwen valley. Before we do, we spot the snow-covered northern slopes of Snowdon, and detour to Deniolen where I hope to get a shot. It’s here I spot the blossom, and through this take today’s main. Of course , it’s not the pink cherry blossom of Japan, and though Snowdon was once the centre of extreme volcanic activity (one eruption in the region is believed to have been about three times as explosive as that of Krakatoa) it’s a far cry from Mount Fuji. Still, snow and blossom make unusual partners. And incidentally, you can see how the snow highlights both walking and train tracks across the mountain to the triangular peak behind. 

Finally, it’s back through the glorious Ogwen valley where foreground blossom leads to the snowy Glyderau.

In extras there’s a shot of Snowdon, a close up of the summit queue, and one of the Ogwen Valley.

Thanks so much for your generous comments, stars and hearts for yesterday’s swan in flight! All very much appreciated! 

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