It was an important morning in the life of our church family at FBC Pflugerville. Actually, every Sunday that we can gather together to join hearts and voices in worship and praise to God is important, because there are places in our world where believers can't do that freely.  So, this morning we enjoyed that blessing as a congregation through singing, accompanied by our wonderful orchestra, Second Mile Band and the rest of our talented accompanists.  Another unusual blessing was the introduction of Chris Gary who was in our service this morning in view of a call to be our Children's Pastor/ Administrative Minister.  After a little more congregational praise, which gave me time to get up to the choir loft, the choir sang a rousing anthem, "The God I Serve" before Pastor Wes got back into the fourth chapter of Philippians, verses 10-13 to speak to us about contentment in the life of the believer.  Those verses are  probably some of the most quoted, most misunderstood and misused verses in all of Philippians because Paul is not wanting us to focus on all of the circumstances, good and bad) that he mentions.  He wants us to know the continuing and unchanging source of the contentment he can have in all those circumstances is God working through the Holy Spirit to make him more like Christ---and He can do the same thing for us if we will let Him.  Pastor Wes says it all so much better on the Livestream where he speaks about the source of contentment, the power of contentment, finding sufficiency in Christ that changes our relationships with things and circumstances, the tasks He asks us to do and with people.  It is definitely worth your time to go watch and be inspired!  

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