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Evening of Life

This elderly couple (I'm not sure how elderly compared with my age, of course) walked slowly past several closed shops in the centre of Yeovil this morning.  I couldn't catch them there with my camera, but I'm making the best of this shot of them retreating in the gloom of the almost derelict shopping centre, with the 'G' of Glovers Walk (grrr, no apostrophe!) judiciously cropped out.

I was in Yeovil to buy something for Mrs B's birthday.  I'm not allowed to do so, as we have some expensive new lampshades attributed to both our birthdays, but I don't think that I should start the day without something to hand over.  Fortunately there's a decent shop called Elephant Moon which has a range of Asian goods, (e.g. loads of hippy bags, incense holders) where I found a Balinese pot for her.  

I do hope that Yeovil survives these hardship years.

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