By sp33dway


My legs were as stiff as a pair of boards when I woke up this morning following yesterday's big run in the FiveFingers, so I was walking like the Tin Man when I first waddled out of bed. Things loosened up swiftly though and as soon as the Shredded Wheat was dusted off I got ready for a day of weekend work. Working weekends is something I hate doing now because family time is way more important, but sometimes needs must and today was one of those days.

I'm putting the recovery down to my post run stretches and that tub of orange stuff: It's awesome, with a great balance of whey protein isolate and amino acids to really help the legs after a long run. OK so my ankles are a tad sore and my feet a bit achey but nothing too major, which is a surprise considering the furthest I'd ran in them previously was a little short of 14 last weekend and prior to that it was about 8 or 9.

All this new intensity in the training has really made me look up to people who take on a full marathon. A close friend of mine who wasn't a runner until late last year is doing the London Marathon next Sunday. I have HUGE respect for her you wouldn't believe.

All the seams on my Bikilas are tip top, but today the lining inside has started to wear slightly so I'm going to order a new pair soon so I have spares waiting in the wings for Edinburgh if I need them. They've done great so far - 258 kilometres and counting - but I don't want to run the risk of being forced to wear my old heel bashers unless I really have no other choice.

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