Valletta street scene

We thoroughly enjoyed Valletta today even though the weather was less than clement. Grey skies and a cool wind persisted all day with some drizzle in the evening. Where has the sun gone?

We’d signed up for a guided city walk tour which turned out to be a very good decision. Just 6 on the walk, guided by a knowledgeable and entertaining entertaining lady.

We learned much about the history of this fascinating city, mostly focussing on the Knights of the Order of St John. I knew little about the Order, by the end of the tour we knew a whole lot more and very interesting and informative it was too. We also learned about the riotous antics of sailors coming ashore when their ships berthed in the Grand Harbour.

Views from the defensive ramparts were extensive, especially of the Grand Harbour and the three cities from Upper Barrakka Gardens. We called back there in the evening just in time to see a cruise liner departing (extra)

After lunch we visited the very impressive Co Cathedral of St John’s which was quite simply spectacular, so ornate and intricate. Our heads were filled by grand vistas, exquisite artwork and craftsmanship while we were listening to a deluge of information about the various Grand Masters of the Order - and looking at their memorials and the tombstones forming the floor. It opened up a whole new area we knew very little about.

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