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Book Making Projects

The earliest of the projects shown here is the top left one, which is a cut and folded collograph print (shown on the 4th April).  I been interested in creating hand made books for a number of years and it was one of the reasons I thought I might get involved in studio printmaking.  In terms of recent chronology, my interest began to be kindled when I needed a solution to displaying the small square prints at Wentworth Castle. Bottom right (4th & 11th March).  

This week I’ve been thinking back to my visit to Harris, because I will see Iain McGowan at the end of the month and I know he will be interested in seeing some of my images.  He likes alternative ways of displaying photographs, so the `explosion’ book format felt like a good choice.  The bottom left, my first attempt is held together with blu-tack.  The top left is today’s more finished example - stuck together with very expensive tacky-back.  GG has been trying out this idea for some of her Google Earth images (they look great) and I liked the way they looked with a black background - hence my change from the white border to black.  I remember sharing some of these red paint splatter images on Instagram with a black border and it really set off the vibrancy of the colours.

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