By Hillyblips

In the Grass


Not the pheasant I was hoping to see this evening. The girls are all under the feeder but this guy has come in! Where is Phillippe? What is going on?! 
I thought a couple of days ago Phillippe looked a bit the worse for wear, sporting a couple of broken tail feathers and now wonder whether he had been fighting this guy who is immediately recognisable with his large white collar and two very white stripes on his head. I will obviously stay on the case, ear to the ground and all that to solve the mystery as this bird isn't a patch on the magnificence of P. 

Tilly today although ok has been mewing a good deal and broken me off piles of office work, needing full time attention and who could blame her. I've shored her up on painkillers and treats tho' Poppy is getting quite miffed by it all, even though I'm trying to be fair.  

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