Saturday Blip

Chilly start this morning, with frost on the grass. But a good nights sleep, 7hrs 24min according to my fitbit, which gives me an 85 sleep score :-)

So no excuse for slacking today. A machine load of washing on the line. And after breakfast I popped down to Town and walked over to the Barnstaple Long Bridge from the car park to capture this image, of the bridge over the river Taw. Directly opposite is the museum, and just to the right is the clock tower.

After a snack lunch I went into the garden. The priority today was to prepare the bed and scatter the wild flower seeds I had saved from last year, and the to cove with netting to keep birds and the local moggies off. See Extras. Then I attacked the hedge bed, which still had areas that needed weeds cleared. 

As I was deciding me knees had had enough, I heard a distress bird call, caught sight of something moving fast and feathers flying. All over in seconds, but I think it was a blackbird that had been caught, by a bird of prey, which was moving too fast for me to register what it was.

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