Takato Joshi Koen

FreeTEMPO - Miss You ft. m-flo

From: The Japan National Tourism Organisation Homepage
The cherry tree, Takato-kohigan-zakura, is admired as the most beautiful in the whole of Japan because of its beauty and height. In the park, there are over 1,500 Takato-kohigan-zakura trees, including those over 100 years old. These cherry trees, a hybrid of Edo-higan-zakura and Mame-zakura, are tall trees with small, deep pink flowers that are found only in Takato. The forest of cherry trees in full bloom harmonizes beautifully with the snowscape of the Chuo Alps, and is designated a natural treasure by Nagano Prefecture.

It was a magnificent day in Nagano. Takato Joshi Koen is one of the famous sakura parks in Japan and the weather was perfect bar the strong winds from time to time. The warm sun rays just made everything so comforting. Felt so good.

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