South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth


These were given to me as an anniversary present by my husband.  I am making sure to share them, as there will be a lot more naughties to eat this coming weekend….I know, because I bought them all!

This afternoon we had a surprise visit to the opticians - only arranged this morning.  It was simply to choose some new glasses for my husband (he had tried to make a decision without me, but couldn’t!) and also to adjust my new glasses as they kept slipping down my nose.  We were surprised to get an appointment that fast.  It was raining when we got into Chichester, so no photos taken there - hence the boring one!  But new glasses have been chosen, so mission accomplished!

By the way, the men doing the fences did come back today.  There was still a lot of standing around and vaping, but they have got the side fence done now.  The fence at the bottom of our garden must be tomorrow’s job presumably!

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