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On The Edge

Tonight I heard on the local news and on radio 4 about an incident that happened at the school where my daughter works. A young teacher had a gun held to her head by a year 8 pupil. After she managed to gain control of the situation she found out that it was a fake gun. The school have expelled him ( how long for? probably 1day) My daughter has had a book thrown at her face and the school were so anxious not to discipline the child because of their records that the child was let off.
Across the road a large family have moved in . Tonight I saw the two older brothers spitting at somone in the road below from 3 floors up. The child in the road probably another brother started throw stones up at them luckily failed miserably. Nothing was done.
I am mad a both incidents. Unfortunately I never seem to catch the parents as I would have a friendly word, all I could do was stand at the window and give off vibes like some horrible old woman.

Here it comes.... WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?
That feels better... Thanks for listening.

Stop Press: Scarlett IS coming home she is suffering so much that she's booked to come home on an overnight flight.

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