Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Is bluebird time - and what is more stunning than a male bluebird?  I was actually out on the deck with Jax when he showed up and perched in front of the garden bird house, about 15 feet from me.  I was fully prepared with a camera in hand - snap, snap, snap!  Oddly, I haven't spotted the female but Mister has been in the yard pretty consistently since I returned from OR, singing and definitely guarding this box.  

Loads of bees buzzing around the cherry trees again today - actually more than yesterday as the buds are bursting into blossom now.  I checked my mason bee house to see if any of the bees have started to emerge but it looks like everyone is still sealed in.  I'm actually not sure how many of the mudded up holes are masons and how many are solitary wasps.  Not that it matters much as both are welcome and beneficial.  

Feeling a bit of anxiety about upcoming oncology visit on Friday.  I've lost a good bit of weight in the last 5 months which may be nothing more than having a dog.  I've also been unusually tired the last few months.  And, after last year's cancer adventure, I guess I'm a little spooky about any changes in my body.  I'm sure all is fine...But it will be good to talk to her just to make sure.  I have the results of the chem panel (blood work) and some of my numbers are elevated although not enough to raise a red flag by themselves.  

Took Jax for a short walk today but he was hot so we cut it short.  Did some training work inside and now he's conked out on the sofa.  Hopefully Hubs and I can take him for another walk this evening when it cools down a bit.  

Dark with sour cherries and almonds today.  Every bit as good as it sounds.


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