By PicturePoems

Evening trumped dawn

... for me today. I woke around 7.00ish to a zigzag aura behind my right eye, even before I'd opened my eyes. Sat up and took a Migraleve tablet straight away. Usually this suffices to deter the arrival of a migraine. Today was different. For the first time I experienced a double aura (not as much fun as a double rainbow, as it goes!) The second aura kicked just as the first dissipated, this time behind my left eye. Then the headache arrived - mostly on the left side - complete with feelings of nausea. After paracetamol, the pain eased slightly, but I basically spent the whole day in bed asleep. 

When I did eventually get up, it was to step outside to see the moon looking fabulous in a mostly mackerel sky. It's been a beautiful day, apparently. I couldn't stand the light, so didn't see much of the sunshine. Went for a twenty minute walk this evening, which was very pleasant. I'm drinking plenty, but have no appetite for food. I can always eat overnight if I can't sleep, though, strangely enough, I suspect I shall sleep tonight despite all today's shut-eye. Feel exhausted!

Today is my father's birthday. He would have been 104. It's 19 years since his last birthday on earth and I still miss him.

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