Spring beauty...

The first day of the summer term for Alex, so another early start, but at least it was light and relatively warm. I dropped Alex in Huntingdon, then Pete and I surveyed a small wood, before I dropped him at the Ramsey Heights Field station for a morning committee meeting. While he was there Rosie and I went off and surveyed another two woodlands - by lunchtime she was desperate to get back to the car for a lie down.

All the plants and animals are now really beginning to respond to the milder temperatures, though there are still no leaves on any of the trees, so I shan't be able to start more detailed surveys for at least another fortnight. I spent a pleasand morning break in a primrose-filled glade, photographing bee-flies, solitary bees and this beautiful peacock butterfly. It's not a bad job sometimes, even if I do feel fairly shattered this evening!

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