Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

A gardening day

Dull and cloudy again today, a good day for fiddling about with plants as it's been dry and wind free. Potted up some rooted cuttings of a couple of shrubs, Callistemon salignus 'Splendens' and Heimia salicifolia, both of which I'd grown before at Arduaine. 

After lunch I spent an hour or so on hands and knees weeding cress - can't remember which one, but a white-flowered weed which seeds everywhere - along the path on my slope, hoping that it's not going to do my back in again! 

Finished up with a cuppa out on the deck, reading my new book 'Cactus Country', one of the TimeLife series and kindly sent to me by my Blipfriend ladypop. No sun, and eventually chased in by spitting rain as I didn't want my book to be spoilt!

My Blip today is of a group of three bulbs - the tulip 'Scarlet Baby' which I Blipped the other day, Narcissus cyclamineus which I've probably Blipped several times in various ways and a Scilla which I grew from seed and which I thought was Scilla hyacinthoides, but it seems not. I must try to discover its identity

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