War of The Worlds

I had an hour to spare so I popped in the the Sony World Photography show at Somerset House. Brilliant pictures but I always find it a bit doomy. Not much joy and rooms filled with images of mans' inhumanity and nastiness. 

O the other hand, outside there is an exhibition showing the impact and abundance of waste plastic. Something that has an impression on everyone sitting around it while they enjoy the water jets in the courtyard. 

Meanwhile out on Waterloo Bridge next door the XR demonstrators were staging a sit in which seemed to be for their own benefit (see extra). The single use plastic bottles seemed to be positioned provocatively - I don't know what their point was. I felt patronised as though they know better and I am a moron for not sitting on the road with them.

I wrote about XR in my Blip of a few days ago (April 9). Since then I have had some interesting email discussion with a fellow Blipper. I'm sure they can get their message across more effectively than they are at the moment.

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