Soccer Saturday

It was a nice day for watching Leo play football. Well, when I say watch Leo I really mean that we watched the rest of the team. It was a 4-0 win for Cully and Leo didn’t have to make a single save.  Apart from a few goal kicks and dealing with a couple of back passes he had even less to do than usual.

The ref was not in regulation kit and I was a bit concerned his shorts would not stay up! He was a great ref, and brought lots of humour and cheer to the game which really jollied the kids along and meant that even when they protested his decisions he just laughed them off and they all laughed along with him.  It made such a difference after some awful refs we have endured lately.  As he left a daschund chased and yapped him off and he yellow carded him :)

A highlight for me and Nina was the bullet coffee truck where we had lovely half time coffees.  I also picked up some maltesers brownie slices for Leo and his mate who we had brought with us.  His mate was the one that blip followers will remember had a bad leg break a while back.  The good news is that he is off his crutches now and hopefully will be able to train again soon.  In the meantime he comes along to cheer them in from the touchline with the coach.

Ian stayed home to greet the kitchen fitter.  You can see (extra) that some progress has been made but it is messier than ever in the house!

We all went out for a nice lunch and delivered a takeaway version to Ian as we headed home as he had stayed to answer kitchen type queries.  It can only get better from here - I hope!

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