Calorie free

My Easter egg this year was calorie free. It is a very pretty needle minder that was too nice to resist.  My Fool’s Gold throw is underway (extra), although I haven’t done much this past week as I am waiting for my skinned fingers to heal up properly so it is a comfy experience.

We had a nice lunch out at Bickleigh - a very yummy carvery and a nice view of the water were we enjoyed watching a heron getting his own lunch.  That meant a lovely meal with no washing up to do which is perfect as we are currently set up for washing up in the garden!  

We had a mooch around the Bickleigh Mill gift shop and Ian and I spotted some placemats and coasters that will match the new kitchen colours so we treated ourselves to those. The peacock was milling around and gave us all a good chuckle as he kept heading towards Leo and made him all nervous and ready to flee - even though Leo is now a hulking teenager rather than a little boy!

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