Great Central Railway Easter Vintage Fair

I managed to drag Len out to Quorn and Woodhouse Station to see the Easter Vintage Fair at the Great Central Railway. To be honest, I just wanted to get out and go somewhere for a change and a cup of tea.

When we got there, we discovered that GCR were charging £10 for the day. Not on when we arrived at 3 pmish. So we walked further down the lane to the entrance for the Butler Henderson café. Len cheered up immensely when he realised that all he would be paying now was the price of the petrol to get there, two cups of tea and two cakes.

There was a big wheel, galloping horses and a kiddies railroad ride and lots of very impressive steam traction engines. That cheered Len up too. I'm glad I nagged him.

Extra is of a very fine Italian fairground organ which was playing the William Tell overture when we listened.

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