By AnneILM60

Easter Monday

It was a wet one here! Rain all day. The forecast was for in excess of 3” to fall today but fortunately it was a nice light steady rain resulting in a 0.76” rainfall at our house.

At 8 am the rain was coming down and it was 60°F/16°C. I had my bathing suit and sun shirt on and went outside to get my gardening done. I had roots I needed to soak before planting, so got them going while I then got my two additional planters put out and filled with soil.

I had some roots to plant in the circular garden which I did and then I decided on what & where I was planting in the planters in the front garden.

Then some thinking on what & where for the planters in the back garden. That all done, I still had to water all the planters.

Oh, the mess. Because I was working in the rain, the dirt wasn’t just brushing off things. It was sticking to everything ready to be mud! The water hose soon made short work of all that. Yay.

The rain & cool temps helped me get all the work done without an MS melt down but after a full morning of hard garden work, I was still tired.

After coming into the house and getting into clean dry clothes, I was listening to an audio book and just dozing off when Kent’s niece called will a strong need to vent.

I got things organized and ordered my brother’s birthday presents from my parents and myself.

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