A Good Day At The Office

Our last day in Wales and a fine day it was too. 

A pleasant morning photographing the birds, and a truly stunning afternoon driving and walking around the shores of the mighty Clywedog reservoir.

We are blessed!!

The reservoir is enormous. Six miles long and created when the Hafren River (River Severn) was dammed a while back. It is a haven for wild life, anglers, cyclists, walkers, artists and thinkers. 

I decided against posting more pictures of birds and wanted to share some of the views around this area of Mid Wales. 

If you like the Lake District you will like it here. 

If you like crowds, not so much

If you like to fight over parking spaces, maybe this is not for you 

If you like nightlife, drunken boorish louts, and loud music, forget it. 

If you like hustle and bustle, don't bother.

Here, it is heaven on earth. Less than half a mile from where this picture was taken there is an Osprey nest. The same pair of birds that fledged a chick last year have returned again, and have been seen pair bonding and nest building. They are being watched over and filmed on a 24/7 Web cam. 

But sshh, don't tell anyone. It's our secret.

Back home tomorrow. Can't wait.

Got a big Cat to feed.. 

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